Garfield Cemetery History

The Garfield Cemetery is located on Detriot Road in Sheffield Village, Ohio. It is a 1/4 west of I90, Detriot Road Exit 148. It was established in 1851, whe Milon and Tempe Garfield sold to the township a acre of land for $16. The oldest grave is of Capt. Joshua Smith,a War of 1812 veteran, who died on Sept 20, 1817. His grave is the photo below. On Veterans Day 1999 the webmaster placed a American Flag on Capt. Smith's grave.

The resting places of some of Sheffield's early Families,

Many of the founding mebers of the Orignal Sheffield Township are resting in peace here. The photo below is the grave of Jabez and Mary Burrell. Jabez came in June of 1815, with Capt John Day to lay out the lots of the township. Mary Burrell passed away in 1831, and Jabez in 1833. They are buried in the Burrell Family Plot. Next to thier graves is the graves of their son Robbins, and his wife Eliza. In the northeast corner of the cemetery is the Garfield Family Plot. Buried there is Milton (1792-1862) his wife Tempe(1800-1894), thier son Halsey(1823-1900) and his wife Harriet (1831-1889). At the northwest corner is the Root Family Plot. Buried there are William H. (1803-1889) his first wife Sarah (1808-1833), his second wife Fanny (1805-1879), thier son Orville (1837-1919), and his wife Sarah(1852-1923). Next to the Root Plot is the Day Family Plot. Buried there is James(1807-1896), his wife Ann(1817-1873), his brother's John(1801-1871), Norman(1803-1877),and William(1796-1889).

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